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Success Stories On Financial Inclusion

Opening of No-frills accounts of Bidi-workers by Lakshmipur Branch in West Bengal
One of the Major Economic activities of Murshidabad District in the State of West Bengal is manufacturing of Bidis. Bidi workers belong to unorganized sectors deprived of the facilities of organized sector. They are extremely poor day-labours. Poverty is written large on their fore -heads. In a bid to do something for this wretched section of people who are wallowing in poverty, our Lakshmipur branch and its Extension Counter at Aurangabad made an admirable venture at Suti Block-II under Murshidabad District having a large concentration of Bidi workers to opne no frills accounts of these people with zero balance. The poor workers were highly enthused by the move of the Bank and around 6000 workers up till now opened SB accounts with our Lakshmipur Branch. The response is so overwhelming that they are keeping now a portion of their daily wages. The habit of savings has thus been instilled in them and everyday they are bringing their near and dear ones under the Banking fold. The example set by our Lakshmipur branch is a glaring example of success story of not only any individual but also of a community as a whole.

Opening of No-frills accounts of inmates of Central correctional Home by Ber-Gorabazar Branch in West Bengal

Our Ber-Gorabazar branch located at Berhampur (W.B.), District head quarter of Murshidabad district of West Bengal, approached Central Correctional Home authorities at Berhampore for opening No frills accounts of the convicts who get their daily wages for services rendered by them as Sweepers, cooks, gardeners, labourers during their term of rigorous imprisonment. The authorities were deeply moved by such a proposal of bank employees and agreed to open the accounts of the convicts with zero balance where periodical funds as and when released by the authorities are deposited. Similarly when these convicts are released on completion of their prison term, the funds lying in their S.B.accounts are handed over to them. The released persons, now a changed man, leave the jail campus with smiling face and assurance that they will come back to the main stream of the society and deploy their funds for more earnings. Here lies the success of the noble mission of the noble mission of the Bank employees.

Sathi Group of Village Gobargarh, Hariharpara Branch

Sergina, Modina, Dilwara & Afroja all belong to the orthodox Muslim village society. Their life pattern would have followed the beaten track of many of their contemporaries had it not been the 'Sathi' Group's intervention. All of them availed the free training provided by the group in the verandah of a residential house for learning 'Jari' & embroidery work. With the little skill they developed at the training programme, they now earn regular income through sale of their products. The financial strength brought in amongst these women through the small jari work has also given them the empowerment of leading a life with dignity.

Story of Barni Bibi

Barni Bibi of Raghunathpur village was leading a miserable life from early childhood. Her condition was becoming unbearable with five children and unemployed husband. She got a new ray of hope after she came in contact with the NGO "SHIS" financed by Bhangar Branch of the Bank in West Bengal and became a member of a SHG and started small savings. She was sanctioned a loan of Rs.3000/- for futchka selling on a rickshaw/van. today her daughter is studying in a high school.

We feel empowered. We feel gratified – Laxmi Mondal

Women members of 'Merual Nibedita Swayambhar Gosthi' coming from society backward classes in Merula, Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal, are the true stories of economic betterment and women empowerment. The credit link was established with the Debinagar Branch of the Bank initially with Rs.8000/- only and subsequently increased ton Rs.40,000/-. The economic activities of the members are trading in agricultural commodities, duck rearing, floriculture, goat rearing, muri making and the like. Members of the group are generating income for their families-SHG brought a new smile and hope in their life.

SHG members associated with "Doorbin" dealing iwht the products of Hindusthan Lever Ltd.

Modina Bibi of Gobargarh with finance from UBI Hariharpara Branch in the State of West Bengal obtained dealership of Hindustan Lever products and earning Rs.1200/- p.m. to become Self-reliant and happy house-wife cum entrepreneur.

Ghoshpur Maitry Mahila Unayan Samity Vill + P.O. ghoshpur dist. North 24 Parganas, W.B.

The group was formed with 10 women who are still continuing as the members of the groups for last 8 years. the initial savings wa s Rs.30/- per month has already been enhanced to Rs.40/- the total savings of the group at present stands to over Rs60,625/-. Members are engaged in viable economic programs like Tailoring, Dairy, Papad, Chowmin and Chanacur. the group members are earning a supplementary income of Rs.400/- to Rs.600/- per month.

Agaradut, Swanivar Gosthi, Duttapukur, Dist. North 42 Parganas, West Bengal

The group was formed with 20 female members, who are still continuing to remain in the team for last three years. The initial Savings amount per head was Rs.30/- per month and it is enhanced to Rs.60/- per month per head. The group produces different types of clay models like Ganesh, Laxmi, Sarswati, etc. The SHG is an example in their area in respect of 'SWAYAMBHAR GOSTHI'.

Ghooshpur Naboday Unnayan Samity, Ghoshpur, North 24 Paraganas, West Bengal

The group was formed with 8 men, who are still continuing as the members of the groups for last 8 years. The total savings of the group at present stands Rs.65700/-. The group has availed bank loan worth Rs.867450/-. The group members are engaged in viable economic programmes like Bidi making, wooden furniture, hawking of sari. In wooden furniture project near about 36 employed are accommodated including 8 group members. their average monthly income is near about Rs.3000/- per individual. the group is playing a pivotal role in different activities like health, Gram Sansad meetings, Gram Unnayan Samity, Pulse Polio programmes etc.

Bhaduri Paschimpara Sib Shankar Swayambhar Gosthi along with Madhabi Swnirvar Dal of Bhaduri

They are attached to UBI Taherpur Branch, Nadia, West Bengal. They jointly took lease of a tank in village Bhaduir for Rs.25000/- for a period of 5 years and started pisci culture and began earning huge profits since last two years. The modus operandi is that each group looks after the tank for one week alternatively. Last year, they earned a profit of Rs.21,000/- against an investment of Rs.10710/- and the endeavor is still continuing. Apart from pisciculture, the member availed individual loans from their respective groups and are venturing for various sorts of commercial activities like mango orchard, vegetable vending, selling of old clothes, goat selling and banana cultivation, etc.

Astha Swanirvar Dal a nd Bhagabati Swanirvar Gosthi of Bhaduri

Attached to UBI Taherpur Branch. They have identified a noble plan to generate income. They have started cooking nutritious food and are supplying the same to children of local schools @Rs.5/- per meal and were earning a profit of Rs.1/- per meal. they go to the school and feed the children with proper care thus reducing the botheration of parents who otherwise engage themselves in some other livelihood activities in the village.

Barasat Jagorani Swanirvar Dal of v illage Barasat, West Bengal

It is the most ideal Group working in the area. All the 51 female members of the group are educated. Their own capital is Rs.20,000/- and they have availed a loan of Rs,25,000/- from UBI, Taherpur Branch. They have also taken lease of 10 Kattahs of agricultural land and started cultivation of Rajanigandha flower. Everyday, they are selling flowers in the local market and are earning some income. In future, they are also planning to establish salpata(leaf) plate manufacturing unit.

UBI-Rural Development & Self Employment Training Institute

The Bank has opened a Rural Development & Self Employment Training Institute(RUDSETI) on 41.08.07 at Rajpur, 24 Parganas south district as a step for development of entrepreneurship in the State.

The institute was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Finance Minister, Govt. of West Bengal. This is the first RUDESETI type institute not only in West Bengal but also in the Eastern & North Eastern States of the country.

The Institute provides training fo r development of skill to the small and marginal farmers, artisans and unemployed youths of the nearby districts of the Bank and other Banks so that the borrowers can engage themselves for self employment. The training courses provided in the Institute are residential and free of cost.

In addition to the above RUDSETI, the Bank has decided to partner with Ramkrishnana Mission Samaj Sevak Sikshan Mandir (RMSSSM), Belur, Howrah and NABARD at equally shared proportion (1:1:1) for setting up of RUDSETI type of institution by sharing the expertise and infrastructure of Mission for conducting skill and entrepreneurship development programmes both for farm and non -farm activities.
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